Computer Laboratory


The 2015 Cambridge DevSummit will be held 17–19 August.

Sun16 Mon17 Tue18 Wed19
9am Registration Coffee
10am FW11: Brainstorm agenda
FW11: Storage mini-session
FW11: Tracing
FW26: ABIs/emulation
FW11: Testing infrastructure
FW26: Power and things
12:00pm Lunch
1pm FW11: Network stack
FW26: Packaging base
FW11: Capsicum FW11: Teaching
FW26: More packages
2:45pm Coffee
3:15pm FW11: ARMv8 FW11: Toolchain/LLVM
FW26: Cloudy things
FW11: RISC-V and Security/crypto
5pm Break
Evening 7:00pm - The Maypole (pub),
Portugal Place
7:00pm - Wildwood,
Bridge Street
7:00pm - Murray Edwards College
(RSVP required!)
6:30pm - Cafe Rouge, Bridge Street